Breeding is done on a limited basis, usually to provide us with the next generation of HiBourne puppies.

Our puppies are raised in our house among our family.    At HiBourne, the first obligation is to the puppy.  We take great care in the placement of our pups and our goal for each puppy is to have it live it's entire life in a loving home, with an appreciative family. 
We're  proud to offer you a well socialized pup that will adapt to its new surroundings when he leaves our care. We have used the Bio Sensor program utilized by the US Military for many years as our beginning stimulation.  The pups will have been exposed to a variety of situations, including socialization with adults, children and other dogs. As they get older the pups will have ridden in cars, been confined in fenced areas and crates, walked on leads, exposed to birds, acclimated to all normal household sounds and started with their housebreaking. At eight weeks your pup will be ready to leave the litter and begin his lifetime adventure with his new family.

All HiBourne puppies come with a contract and health guarantee. This is to protect you, our reputation as a breeder and most importantly, the puppy.
Your puppy will be sent home with a bound puppy packet which includes:
  • AKC Registration paperwork
  • WCA membership information
  • 6 generation Pedigree
  • Health test results of parents
  • Pictures of parents and 8 week puppy picture
  • Conformation and temperament evaluation results
  • Vaccination and worming schedule & protocol
  • Feeding Instructions & sample of Food
  • Grooming instructions with directions on nail grinding
  • HiBourne Guide for a New Puppy including articles & e-books on training & behavior including crate training instructions & preventing separation anxiety, housebreaking, introduction to field work and much more.
  • Litter blanket, toy & puppy collar
We are always available to help with any concerns for the life of your new family member and love to hear about how they are doing. Your feedback gives us vital information that we utilize in our breeding program.

Please contact us HiBourne@aol.com  to find out when our next litter is planned and to be put on our waiting list. If we don't have puppies at the time we would be happy to recommend another reputable breeder.


To help you in your search for a Responsible Weimaraner Breeder please read the article written by the Weimaraner Club of America Breeders’ Education Committee
“How To Choose A Weimaraner Breeder”